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Thermenstadt im Naturpark Altmühltal

Villa Rustica - Roman heritage

During the Roman Empire, the region around Treuchtlingen belonged to the province of Raetia behind the boundary of the Limes. The army and civilian population in the surrounding villages were kept supplied by a number of Roman villas (villae rusticae).


One such villa rustica lies 1.5 kilometres away from Treuchtlingen, on the south-facing slope of the Nagelberg. Excavations took place in 1984, and the villa was restored in 1985. Only the foundations of the main residential building have been excavated. Aerial photography shows the existence of several farm buildings and a bath but these have been left uncovered.

The estate was inhabited during the second century and the early part of the third century AD and was destroyed by the Alemanni people after they had successfully broken through the Limes frontier in the middle of the third century.

The house was a portico-type villa, and these were very widespread in the Roman provinces. Several residential rooms surrounded the inner courtyard in the east and west wings and there was an open hall in the north wing.

A great many exhibits were uncovered during the archaeological excavations and these can be seen at the Treuchtlinger Volkskundemuseum (Treuchtlingen museum of folklife).