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Thermenstadt im Naturpark Altmühltal

The birthplace of Gottfried Heinrich von Pappenheim

Gottfried Heinrich von Pappenheim (1594-1632)
The town palace

Did you know that Count Gottfried Heinrich von Pappenheim was born in the town palace (Stadtschloss) in Treuchtlingen in 1594? He was later immortalized forever in Schiller's Wallenstein trilogy with the expression ‘Daran erkenn ich meine Pappenheimer’ (‘That’s how I know my Pappenheims’).

This expression refers to the courage and loyalty of the cavalry soldiers from Pappenheim known as the cuirassiers, the emperor’s elite troop under the leadership of Gottfried Heinrich von Pappenheim. In popular language, it has become ‘Ich kenne meine Pappenheimer’, meaning ‘to know where you are with certain people, to know their characteristic traits and, in particular, their weaknesses’.

These days there is a statue of Imperial Field Marshall Gottfried Heinrich von Pappenheim in the palace grounds. At the entrance to the palace stands the Pappenheimer Kreuz, the original stone cross that Gottfried Heinrich had made during his recovery from serious injuries sustained during battle in 1620.

Following a rather turbulent period, a factory-owning family called the Aurnhammers bought the ruins of the moated castle in 1798 and set up Treuchtlingen’s first factory here (producing ornamental trimmings, lace and silk). The palace was subsequently restored and extended.

Today, the east wing of the Renaissance castle dating back to the mid sixteenth century is home to the Spa and tourist information centre as well as the information centre for the Altmühltal Nature Park.


There are several exhibitions to visit at the Stadtschloss. Entrance is free and visiting hours are during the opening hours of the Spa and tourist information centre.

Museum of ornamental trimmings (Posamenten-Museum)
In the Museum of ornamental trimmings on the second floor of the Stadtschloss, you can find plenty of interesting information about the factory-owning Aurnhammer family and the lace-making industry.

Altmühltal Nature Park information centre
The nature park information centre exhibition tells you about the history and cultural landscape of the region. There is also an extensive fossil collection in the palace’s vaulted cellar.

Geopark Ries exhibition
An exhibition set up in the palace in 2008 provides an insight into how the nearby Ries crater was formed.