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Thermenstadt im Naturpark Altmühltal

Excursions to the surrounding area

Whether you go on your own two feet, by bicycle or use the local transport system, the beautiful scenery and places of interest in the surrounding area are well worth a detour.

Some of the classic excursions, which deserve a mention in every guide book, include the baroque cathedral city of Eichstätt, Weißenburg with its rich Roman heritage and the unforgettable cycling tour on the Altmühl Valley cycle path to Pappenheim and Solnhofen with a stop to look at the 12 Apostles. A visit to Nuremberg is also not to be missed.

Our recommendations:

This spa town situated eight kilometres from Treuchtlingen is famous in particular for its castle. The historic town centre features some beautifully maintained town houses as well as the palaces of the counts of Pappenheim and some interesting churches.

The Roman town of Weißenburg has a rich and impressive heritage with its Roman baths, fortress, the Roman and imperial museum and the Limes information centre. The Ellinger Tor is one of the most impressive medieval city gates in Germany and has become the symbol of Weißenburg. The Wülzburg fortress, which sits above the town, is also famous.

This baroque university and cathedral town are at the hub of the Altmühltal Nature Park. The many points of interest in the town include the baroque architecture in the town centre, the cathedral and Willibaldsburg Castle, which sits on a hilltop above the town. Willibaldsburg Castle is also home to the Jura Museum (fossil collections including the original archaeopteryx) and the ‘Hortus Eystettensisrtus’ Renaissance garden.

Climb the 33-metre-high gate tower to get a magnificent view over the river landscape of the Altmühl and this beautiful town in the middle of the Franconian Lake District. Other places worth a visit in the town are the margrave hunting lodge and the Spitalkirche church. Altmühl Lake with its Vogelinsel (bird island) is nearby.

This town in the Nördlinger Ries is the only town in Germany to have a fully preserved covered parapet walk, which you can still walk all the way round. The main monument in Nördlingen is the 90-metre-high church tower called ‘Daniel’ on the Gothic St George’s church.

The former imperial city of Dinkelsbühl lies on the Romantic Road (
Romantischen Strasse in German) between Würzburg and Füssen in southern Germany. The town boasts 16 towers and some impressive historic patrician houses. www.dinkelsbuehl.de

There are plenty of places worth a visit in Nuremberg. The Kaiserburg (or Imperial Castle), which towers over the city, is particularly impressive. There are many churches (e.g. St Lorenz and St Sebald) and museums, e.g. the Germanisches Nationalmuseum (Germanic national museum), the toy museum and the transport museum, which are also worth visiting. The best and cheapest way to get to Nuremberg from Treuchtlingen is by train (journey time approx. 50 minutes, at least one departure every hour).